Sucking It Up...

The Workout...

Warm Up
2x100 Free
2x100 Pull
2x100 Kick
:10 rest between each 150
1:00 for toy changes

4x75 :10 rest
Odd- Free
Even- IMO

Main Set
2x200 Free (2:59, 2:53)
4x125 IM (2:05, 2:15, 2:25, 2:00)
6x50 Pull Breathe Control (:45)
Odd- 3/5
Even- 5/7
8x25 with Fins (:35)
Odd- Under Waters
Even- 1 Breath Free

Cool Down
200 Ez

Lets just say I went out and sucked it up today! Never gave in or cut my workout short. The confidence in my swimming is sure coming back! Feels sooooooooooooo good :)

More to come...


Kelly said…
Good job! Keep up the hard work.
TRI-james said…
Blaze'n fast 200's!

Good job!
Missy said…
Well crap, you're one that actually does the IM old age group swimmer you!
Rachel said…
Nice swim. Way to stick it out.

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