Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day 5k Race Report

At 6am on Sunday my alarm went off as I woke up after a restless night of sleep... waking up every hour just to make sure I wouldn't oversleep. Got ready, ate some oatmeal, and was out the door with Julie by 6:45 to make our way down to downtown Silver Spring for the Earth Day 5k. After picking up my packet which included an organic made tshirt, bamboo socks, and a recycleable grocery bag... I made a short mile and half jaunt through downtown to warm up for the race.

The start was moved from 8 am to 8:05. We lined up for the start then took our marks then off we went on the race course. The first mile was all downhill... something I knew would make my first mile super fast. In fact my Garmin when off and it read 6:46... are you freakin kidding me. The next mile was through the beautiful Sligo Creek Park. My pace slowed down quite a bit compared to the first mile... but I knew that was coming. I felt as if I was going no where... my legs heavy and starting to feel the burn of lactic acid already. Mile 2 came around.... beep... 7:36... said my Garmin. Between mile 2 and 3... after leaving Sligo Creek Park... before arriving back downtown... we started to gradually head uphill. Mile 3 came around... beep... 8:10 said my Garmin. At this point I knew I had to just keep my pace to keep under 24 minutes. I touched the mat not to much later and the race was over.

Even though this was no big race... I am happy with my performance. This was only used a stepping stone for this weekends Pikes Peak 10k and for the tri season... which lies ahead of me.

More to come...

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Rainmaker said...

Nicely done! The Pikes 10K is a super-fast course, so you're gonna rock it!