Muses About Running and Such...

Something I found on Facebook... will make for an interesting blog post...

1. Number of marathons you have run

2. Where was your first marathon?
Dallas White Rock... Dec 2006

3. Favorite Marathon course:
Dallas White Rock

4. Most memorable race:
Dallas White Rock... 2007

5. PRs?
5k - 22:39
10k - 47:15
15k - 1:17:05
1/2 marathon- 1:46:52
Marathon - 3:44:52
Sprint Tri - 1:10:??
Olympic Tri - 2:29:06
70.3 - 5:36:13
140.6- 13:26:22

6. Ever run in a costume?
No... and never will

7. The only running shoes for me:
Brooks Adrenaline GTS

8. Ever injured?
Only cycling... thankfully not running!

9. Hot or cold weather runner?

10. Morning or evening runs?

11. What is your motivation?
My competion!

12. Ever DNF?
Yes... unfortunately :(

13. Race I'd like to forget:
Ummm... lets see... White Rock 26.2 2008

14. Favorite post race nosh:

15. Galloway or Higdon?

16. Flat course or hills:

17. Back, Middle, or Front of the pack?
Middle of the pack most of the time.

18. Run alone or with a partner:
with a partner

19. Ever win your age group?
Too many times in my age group at the short distance stuff/1

20. One part of your body that has never seen Body Glide:
Do I really have to answer this????

21. Best part of running:
The crowds!

22. If I didn't run I_______________.
swim or cycle

23. I can't run without_________________.
Garmin 405 and HR Monitor

23. Ever lose a toenail?
Yes.. too many times!

24. Gatorade or Cytomax?

25. Favorite gel flavor?
Can't take in any kinds of gel.

26. How many days after a marathon do you usually start running again?
Whenever I can actually walk like a normal person

27. I run, therefore I ________________________.
am on runner's high the rest of the day

28. Pre-race routines? (night before or morning of)
Pack the night before... bagel, yogurt, and plenty of H2O race morning

29. What is your typical night before the big race meal?
Pasta and Salad

30. Would you run a marathon again?
Hell Yeah!

31. What’s the farthest you’ve ever run at one time?

32. Tucked or untucked?

33. When I run, I feel ________________________.
like I'm on cloud nine.

More to come...


TRI-james said…
Impressive PR's!
The hills at DWR kicked my butt (twice). Coming from Houston at the time (flat), I cramped at mile 14 (first time)and was just d*mn slow the second. Seek your revenge for me sister, I will never be going back!!
Sweet Bea said…
I'm proud that I understand most of those questions!! :)
Kelly said…
Tucked or untucked? Ewwww.
Missy said…
I love those questions...may have to steal them. I was a late bloomer in endurance stuff. Never too late, I say!
Liz said…
LOVE your post, so much so that i started my blog again and re-posted
...different address
hope all is well!

PS GOOD LUCK in the half! you go girl
TarHeel Tri said…
its fun sometimes to kinda take a look back and think ab where uve been...sweet PR's
Stuart said…
Good stuff; you are a speedy one!

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