Obsessions and Addictions

With no major races to train for... hence an Ironman... I've been obsessing over a few things in life lately!

*Blogs- my blog... others blogs... it doesn't matter... all I do is click away to see if anyone has updated

*Twitter- thanks to a friend I discovered it... now I'm hooked... clicking away all the time to see if anyone has updated their status of "what are you doing?"

*Facebook- ever since the twin showed me my junior year of college i've been hooked... always trying to find friends... see what they up to... if they've posted any pictures... i think ya'll get it

*Lake Placid- yes... that's another thing I can't stop thinking about... a few days out of this boring DC area is what I'm waiting for... chilling with a few buddies... watching them do another 140.6... volunteering... signing up for 2010... is it only February?

*What I'm Gonna Do With My Life aka A Career- thought I knew what I wanted to do in college... yeah I was totally wrong... not cut out to do what my degree is in... the quicker I make the decision of what I'm gonna do and get a job... the quicker I'll be back in a place I love where the people I love are... TEXAS

*Friends- am scared to say names... so i'll keep them anonymous... somewhat close to both of them... all I ever do is talk about them... and all I wanna do is talk to them... have to talk myself out of emailing, iming, calling them all the time... if you know who are let me know I'm am so sorry this is happening

I think I need to find a race in the first half of the season to really train my butt for... that way all these obsessions and addictions go away!

More to come...

More to co


Kelly said…
I got on facebook my sophomore year in college (2004), and havn't stopped since (I can't believe we couldn't post photos back then!). Recently, a friend of mine said, "Every day, I find fewer and fewer reasons to use Facebook." It's quite the opposite for me! How ELSE will I keep contact with old friends?!
Missy said…
Ah, the post Ironman blues...I totally understand. Hard to know what to do with yourself sometimes.
Kona Shelley said…
What is your twitter name?
Stuart said…
Go on sign up for a nice big race this will distract you from these obsessions...at least for a while!

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