More... Please!

After my nice 10 mile run through Rock Creek Park I finally sat down and looked through my January issue of The Rundown from the MCCRC. Heck I found the 2009 Race Schedule and will be adding the following running road races to my 2009 Schedule...

March 1
Run Aware 5k in Wheaton Md

April 14
Firebirds Mile in Gaithersburg Md

May 25
Sue and Connie's Run (4 mile) in Rockville, Md

June 7
Capital Crescent Run (5k) in Bethesda, Md

July 10
Midsummer Night's Mile in Rockville, Md

July 18
Rockville Rotary Twilight Runfest 8k in Rockville, Md

Nov 1
Rockville 10k in Rockville, Md

Can you say I'm a little obsessed with my running this coming season?

More to come...


Wearing Mascara said…
Nice! I totally wanna do a race at night or evening... very tempting!
Marcy said…
Looks like a good schedule ;-)
Rainmaker said…
Looks like a number of fun races in there!

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