Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back At It Swimming :)

So this am I got my butt to the pool and made myself swim at least 3000 yards. Well... I swam the minimum of 3000 and was beat to the bone afterwards! Here is what my workout consisted of! BTW it's a Marci original so feel free to take it and do it while at the pool :)

Warm Up
300 Swim... no kicking... get a feel for the water
2X150 Pull @ 2:30
200 Drill... 50 Right Arm/ 50 Left Arm/ 50 Catch Up/ 50 Fist

4x50 IM Order 25 Drill/ 25 Swim @ 1:00

Main Set
2x100 @ 2:00
200 Kick
2x100 @ 1:55
200 Kick
2x100 @ 1:50
200 Kick
2x100 @ 1:45
200 Kick
8x25 2x 4 Breaths/ 3 Breaths/ 2 Breaths/ 1 Breath Per 25 @ :40

Cool Down
200 Easy... pick one area of technique to work on... I worked on bilateral (breathe to each side) breathing

All in all a good workout with a bit of variety mixed in! Super tired after making all 8x100s between the 1:20 and 1:25! I guess my speed is finally coming back :)

More to come...


Kelly said...

Wow... good swim! I havn't swam since September! (Gasp!)

Liz said...

woooow, u r a machine! haha i have lost all arm strength. the last time i swam was AT LEAST a year ago.


Missy said...

I hope I can see 1:25 consistently, way to go! It's good to be back in the water again for sure.

Jill Costantino said...

UR a machine - I want those swim times back!!! Nice workout!