What A Weekend

So when all things come together I had a fantabulous weekend in Dallas.

After arriving Thursday night @ DFW... waiting for Julie... getting the rental car... we made our way to Jane's house. Her mom had a huge pasta dinner in prep for White Rock sitting on the table. It was so delicious.

Friday morning Julie and I went to swim North Texas Masters swim practice. Got to see Coach... yay... see my swim buddies... and oh yeah SWIM. Showered... stopped at IHOP for breakfast and headed back to Jane's house. Later on went to good 'ol Kiefer Swim Shop in Plano... went to packet pickup and the expo for White Rock... then made our way to Bike Mart for some hugs and squeezes from all my peeps. Off to Macaroni Grill in Plano for CARBO-LOADING with Josh and Jane... yummy. Then finally back to Janes' house for the night.

Saturday was early lunch with Heather and Julie at Japon... and for me back down to the expo to meet up with my buddy Brian for some well needed catching up time.

It was then back to Plano to meet Julie... then off to the Bike Mart Holiday Party where I got squeezed even more then I did Friday. Finally... it was back to Janes' for a good night rest.

I will share about Sunday when ready.

Man I love Texas and wouldn't have traded anything for the weekend I had there.

More to come...


Spokane Al said…
It sounds like you had a great time so far. I will be looking forward to reading your report on that pesky race.
It was good hanging out with you at the Expo. I know you'll kick butt at next year's White Rock Marathon.

Stay tuned...

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