Seasons Lessons Learned

It's been a week now since my DNF and my mind is still not clear... that's probably why I'm still talking about it... to get it out of my head and move on. Next year White Rock will be run again... whether I'm in Texas or not... to redeem myself... show ME that I can Do This and Not Give In.

I've learned a few huge lessons this season as far as this way of life goes... with all the awesomeness and triumphs I have gone through at each race...

Frost Yer Fanny and Athens: Dress Warmly for COLD Race Day Temps

Playtri Festival: Draft behind someone when the sun is directly hitting the buoys

IRONMAN CDA: Anything is Possible... Reach for the Stars

PrairieMan and Redman: Avoid late summer races in Texas and Oklahoma

Stonebridge Ranch: Just Go Out and Love the Moment You're In

White Rock Marathon: Your Health is More Important than Finishing a Race... Be Good to Yourself

More to come...


TarHeel Tri said…
its nice sometimes to just take a step back and look at where you've been....its funny how things that seem common sense easily escape you when you're in race mode
Steve Stenzel said…
Wow! That's quite a story on your DNF! I just had to go and read it below! Hope things are going better!

Happy Holidays!!

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