Monday, December 8, 2008


I'm ready to get back to Texas. It's about running White Rock but then again it's more about returning to see my friends and a life I once had. The schedule is as follows:

Thursday: Arrive in Dallas, meet up with Julie, pick up rental car, crash at Jane's

Friday: drag Julie out of bed for 5am masters practice with North Texas Masters, venture to Kiefer Swim Shop, head down to the Dallas Convention Center to pick up race packet and walk around expo, head over to Bikemart and see my peeps, have dinner with a few friends and carboload for Sunday

Saturday: lunch with Heather (high school friend), meet up with Shelley... but who knows where and when, maybe one of a few friends graduation parties, dinner, head to bed early

Sunday: Run the Rock... Boston or Bust

I want Thursday to be here so bad!

More to come...


Andrea said...

Which RBM did you work at? I visit the Richardson location every time I'm in town and LOVE IT!

Jack and Jim were good friends of my late grandfather so they always give us big discounts and free stuff when we are there. :)

IronJenny said...

You will rock the Rock!!!