It's now only one week until White Rock... and I have yet to put a plan together. I want to run and get Boston... which means an 8:25 minute mile pace average... for a 3:40 run. The Coach said to take last years min mile splits and just make each faster... that way I can drop those 4 minutes I need. Only problem is... my garmin with last years splits are long gone... the Garmin broke and I had to replace it earlier this fall. I'll start moving forward with my plan... so that can get done.

Next season's race plans are still up in the air. I want to do many sprints and olympics... but am not sure if I want to do a half iron. Being up in the DC area... tris start later in the year as compared to Texas. I have taken a look at Tri Find and City Sports to get an idea but... I dunno... the races don't seem to intrigue me like they did in Texas. Oh well... at least I have running plans for next season made.

National Half Marathon... March 21
Pikes Peak 10K... April 27
Capital Crescent Run... June 1
Midsummer's Nite Mile... July 11
Parks Half Marathon... Sept 14
Candy Cane City 5k... Nov 8

Oh and I'm going to Lake Placid to watch some peeps... volunteer... and then register for 2010.

More to come...


Rainmaker said…
Cool, I'll be doing the National Half as well. You ought to look at the some of the Kenetic series in May - Sprints/Half, as well as numerous others in the April/may timeframe.
Rachel said…
Good luck on qualifying for Boston! That's awesome!
IronJenny said…
You can actually type of the splits you need for each mile. Just like the Clif ones... each pace, and next to it a "where you need to be at this particular marker".
I know it's personal, but for me, I like to bank a minute if I can on an easy stretch, just in case there is a hill somewhere or a gusty headwind or a potty stop I can resist. Plus it's comforting to see over and over that "you need to be 'here', but actually you are 'HERE'"... and that is somewhere ahead of the mark. IT's like a psychological boost.
Good luck!!!!!!!

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