Sunday, December 28, 2008

Little Run

Took a little run down the Capital Crescent. Ok... so maybe it wasn't that little... it was 7.25 miles... but it was nice.

Weather conditions were similar to that of White Rock minus the gusty winds. The air was humid and very thick... the temperature... warmer than I like it... but I wanted to take this short little run today. It had been a week since I last laced up the running shoes... I needed this.

I got to run through nature as I made my way from Bethesda down toward the Maryland DC line and back. The birds were chirping... the squirrels were scampering... just like they usually do. The sounds of all that surrounded me were beautiful... just like they always are.

Runners... walkers... cyclists... all out there taking advantage of a warm winters morning. We all waved... smiled... acknowledged each others presence for being out there.

All true and indeed... it was a nice little run!

More to come...

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