The LAST Long Run...

Yesterday was my last long run for this journey to the White Rock Marathon. The weather was perfect and I could have gone longer... but 18 was all I had time to do. I started in Bethesda... ran down the Capital Crescent... which was quite crowded for late morning. Ran into Georgetown... past the Kennedy Center and the Watergate building... into a quiet West Potomac park. Once into East Potomac Park there were more people. Decided to run a loop around the windy Hains Point. In fact as I was running around the water from the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers (I think those are the two that Hains Pt is on) were so high there was no sidewalk next to the water to run on. Once around Hains Point I made my way through the two parks up to the Washington Monument... down the mall (always a favorite)... up to the Capitol builiding... which is getting ready for Obama's inauguration... and back down the mall to the Smithsonian Metro. My HR averaged out at 156 and my pace was just a smidge over 9 minutes per mile. At this point I'm confident about my race for White Rock.

Later that night I was a little sore so I went to the pool for a swim. Ended up doing this workout that I had from the Coach in Texas.

Warm Up
300 Free
150 Kick
15 Pull

4x100s count your strokes

Main Set
300 Pull
3x100s Free... did them between the 1:23 and 1:25
300 Alternate Free and Non Free by 50... ended up doing backstroke and breaststroke for the Non Free
3x100 Kick on the 1:45
300 Kick
3x100s Pull on the 1:45

8x25s with Fins... only two breaths per 25

Warm Down
200 50swim/ 100 drill/ 50 swim

Total... 3200 meters

Now it's time to let loose and TAPER :)

More to come...


triguyjt said…
you will rock white rock no mustbe cool to get those runs in and go by all the historical places...
Jill Costantino said…
You will do AMAZING!!! You have worked soooo hard.

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