Sunday, November 30, 2008


In two weeks I will be eyeing the start line of the White Rock Marathon... now all I have to do is get excited and pumped up for it. This move has made my training scheudle go from organized to disorganized. Long runs for the weekend have been moved to the weekdays... Tuesdays have no longer been speedwork days... Thursdays have no longer been hill days... it's screwed up I tell ya.

The excitement of race day and the curtain call of this journey has gone from "i'm ready to kick booty" to "have I put enough time and training into this". It's crazy... crazy stuff I tell ya. At this point I've done what I can do. No long runs... speedwork... hill work will make a difference now. I have to have the confidence and the excitement at this point to make this journey to what will be the Boston Marathon a huge success!

After all I am an MDot... anything is possible... right???

More to come...

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IronJenny said...

I love the White Rock! Be sure to look around at the mansions surrounding the lake - they are so beautiful and people have them decorated for Christmas.
Good luck!!!!