Candy Cane City 5k Recap

Late race start so I didn't have to be over there until 8:15 to get registered and warm up for a 9am start. Registered. Warmed up. Stopped to pose for the camera.

Ta da... got my race number! Lucky me... it has the number 4 in it :)

Chatted to others while I stretched. Made my way to the starting line.

Getting ready to start

Here I am... you found me :)

Boom... the gun went off. True out and back. Around the baseball fields. To the path. Onto Beach Drive. Got passed by some little kids going into the turn around... can you believe it. As the race progressed my pace got faster. Down the hill. Turn around at the cone. Up the hill. Back onto the path. Around the baseball fields.

Off we go.

Past the finish line. Towards the horse stables. Another U turn. Kiddos blowing whishles and ringing cowbells to bring us home.

Finally finished... and in great timing :)

More to come...


triguyjt said…
great negative split!!!!
Kona Shelley said…
Love the pics, you look fantastic Marci and I'd have to say you look pretty happy there too..:-)

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