Sunday, November 23, 2008

Almost Here...

3 Weeks till

Unlike most races... I'M READY TO ROCK THE ROCK!!!!! Can't wait to be back in good ol' Dallas for this good ol' 26.2!

In other news... I've figured out a solution to my problem of no one to train with.

After the new year I will join the Montgomery County Road Runners and the Montomery Ancient Mariners... since those are two disciplines where I need to focus on the off season! Good plan???? That's what I thought :)

More to come...


Liz said...

hey can't wait for you to run the marathon! ...just heard that ryan hall is running boston this year and aiming for a win. pretty cool.

take care, hope all is well.

Kona Shelley said...

Best of luck..maybe i'll come and watch you..:-))

Rainmaker said...

Very cool. I've heard good things about the MCRR.

Good deal!