Farewell To Texas

What I will miss dearly in the Lone Star State... the GREAT state of TEXAS...

Friends... no kidding
Bikemart and Kiefer Families
Daddies who were Concered about me
Mommies who Loved me
The Cloverleaf
Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
The BIG Windhaven Hill
Bikemart Saturday Rides
Negative Split Racing
North Texas Masters Swimming
The Lewisville ISD Aquatic Center
My Lane Homey in between the bulkhead... Maddie
The University of North Texas
Plano Senior High School
Cool Fall and Spring Mornings
Ironhead Race Productions
Playtri Triathlons
The Dallas Running Club Half Marathon
The Athens Triathlon... thats where it all started
The Las Colinas triathlon course
Lake Grapevine Open Water Swims
and much more I can't even think of at this time of day...

I plan to return one day to Texas for good...

But for now... Farewell Ya'll as I start on a new journey... a new road in life... in my home state of Maryland...

More to come...


jahowie said…
I hope that the move goes well. That's quite the list of things to be missed.

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