The Effect of a Locked Car... Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

As always... Wednesday nights called for bike intervals on the opposite end the big Windhaven hill. I arrived around 5:15pm... ready to go. Got the bike and gear out of the car. I thought I pushed unlock button on driver side of the door... but instead the lock button... crap... my extra set of keys were in the car... and so were the ones I always used. I went out and did a few loops of the Windhaven to warm up. Got back to the car... to then find out my Garmin... which I had left on the back of the car had fallen off and broke... oh no.

By the time we started the Formula 1 Bike Intervals... 1 mile run, 5 mile bike, 1 mile run, 5 mile bike, 1 mile run... I was pissed off like no other. The keys were locked in the car and my Garmin broke. I almost blew off the ride... but Gerald said "no". The first mile run... I paced it out easy... warmed it up... got to transition (the parking lot) with a little gap ahead of the other four girls (Hammer, Bruiser, Brittany, and Debbie). Got on the bike and pounded those 5 miles... to build a comfortable lead... I know this isn't a race... but I treated it as a practice for Sunday. Got off the bike to the second one mile run with a few minutes lead over all the girls... and in the process even passed one of the guys. As I was coming back I saw one of the girls, Brittany, going out... she wasn't far behind. I pushed harder to transition... the second run hurt alot. By the time I got on the bike... my lead had come down to almost nothing... I was leaving transition and three of the four other girls were coming back in... crap... PUSH IT PUSH IT PUSH IT... thats what I did on the bike. As I turned right on Windhaven to climb the hill back to transition I saw all three girls behind me (Bruiser, Hammer, and Brittany)... about to turn right and climb up Windhaven. I struggled up the hill... but for some reason they must have too... I had a comfortable lead off the bike into the last mile run. The last mile I CRANKED IT and CRANKED IT hard. This last mile hurt and hurt alot. In the end I was the first girl back to the parking lot... not that I made it a race of any sort. Being so angry and frustrated over the car keys locked in the car... helped me to push it... to the limit... and come out strong.

When I arrived back to the car, Gerald and Khai, both engineers were trying to get the car door unlocked by forcing the car antenna into the door to push the unlock button. The antenna got in the door ok... but pushing that unlock button was where it faltered. The antenna wasn't hard enough to push down the button. After at least 45 minutes... it was time to call a locksmith. Khai headed home... but Gerald, Hammer, and Gary stayed. The wind was howling and I was in only a sleeveless tank and shorts so I got in Gary's to warm up. Gerald and Hammer left about 8:45... but we had a plan incase the locksmith didn't show up. Finally at 9:30... the locksmith showed up. Gary waited until the door was open and I was safely in my car.

Lesson learned... always have a spare set of keys with you... and leave them hidden on the outside of the car! The word has spread... but at least I'm laughing about it :)

More to come...


Rainmaker said…
I try to look at the positive side of things... while the GPS may be toast - at least your bike didn't fall of your car, cause that would've been bad.

Of course, I recently joined the 'leave electronics on the back of the car' club in June when I left my laptop there. Bad..bad.

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