Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Defined: To swim close behind another swimmer (or swimmers) in order to take advantage of their slipstream, especially in a race.

Also Known As: hang on, follow, drag, free ride


Maters practice was all about drafting for me today. Due to the lack of sleep since the Olympics started... I haven't felt the urge to swim hard at practice... this morning drafting was the key. I don't know why I hadn't done it before in the pool... i've been successful when doing it in the open water. During the main set which included...
200 free
6x50s @ 1:10
100 free- faster pace then the 200
6x50s @ 1:10
400 free- broken at each 100 for 5 seconds

I had to start off fast for the first half of the long course pool to catch the girl who was 5 seconds ahead of me... but once I got on her toes... swim practice was easy. I conserved so much energy and had great splits today. Dave and I talked about it afterwards and it was suprising to him that I had never done it before.

Off to go cycling with the gang...

More to come...

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