Wednesday, August 27, 2008

27 GREAT Things...

Today is my Dad's 58th Birthday... Love You Daddy :)

Mom (with the help of Dad) completed her first Hotter N Hell on Saturday... 50 miles... way to go Mom :)

For the first time in a day I'm NOT depressed :)

I'm starting to tell myself I'm NOT a bad person :)

I am an IRONMAN :)

I got to sleep in real bed last night :)

I snuggled with my favorite stuffed animals :)

I get to hang out with my boyfriend sometime this weekend :)

I got at least zillion hugs yesterday :)

I've given at least a zillion hugs today :)

I inspiried a friend :)

I swam 3600 yards at mastes this am :)

I've swam over 180 miles this year :)

I got a new practice suit yesterday... and logoed it :)

I also bought the matching pants of the logo that is on the suit :)

I get to bike in the near 100 degree heat and sun this aftenoon :0

Did I mention running afterwards :0

I get to lose my voice Sunday cheering for friends doing IM Louisville this weekend as I stalk them on IM Live :)

I have enough water to keep IM Louisville athletes hydrated :)

I am starting to save every penny so I can go watch IM Lake Placid next summer :)

IM CDA 2010... you better get ready... cause I'm coming... anyone in??? :)

Prairie Man Sprint is in a little over week :)

The end of September is Red Man Half... I better start training :O

The Mean Green of UNT start off football season against Kansas State this weekend :/

I have enough Cheerios to last a few months :)

I get to work at Bikemart all weekend :)

I have some of the best friends in the world :)

For the next TWO people who read this blog... and have one... TAG YOUR IT... post 27 great things...

More to come...

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